Types of Family Law

Family law is a broad term that encompasses different family issues under it. A husband and wife come across so many complications in their marital life that need to be resolved keeping in view the legal perspective intact. Family law therefore, throws light upon such important issues which need legal backing. There are different types of family law which include:

Divorce Laws:

The partners who do not go along successfully end up giving divorce to each other thereby putting an end to their marriage. Since divorce is a legal deed, there are a number of legalities which are associated with it. Divorce laws deal with all the complications that arise during or after the divorce deed is done between the couples.

Child Custody and Paternity Laws:

This type of family law deals with a very sensitive matter of awarding the custody of the children to one of their parents. The partners after divorce wish to keep the children with them. Child custody laws help them getting the custody of their children along with the settlement of the child support payment. These laws lay down the requirements a parent must have to claim the custody of the children.

Marriage laws:

Marriage is the basic bond that marks the initiation of any family. There are marriage laws in family laws which clarify the legal bindings that are associated with a wedlock. Just like divorce, marriage is an equally important legal binding. Marriage marks the social and legal responsibilities upon the marrying partners. They require an attorney to get their marriage legalized and these issues come under the domain of marriage laws.

Adoption laws:

These laws deal with the issues of getting a child adopted or the desire to let the child getting adopted by someone. Mostly the childless couples or individuals wish to adopt a child and raise him/her as their own. This task require legal documentation as to determine the paternity of those children and the consent of the parents allowing to adopt them.

Laws of Guardianship:

These laws are applicable when the children are not living with their parents. In case the children have moved abroad or to some other city for their academic activities, they require guardians over there. This guardianship is a legal binding which require the expertise of a family attorney. Therefore, such issues are also dealt by the Brisbane Family Lawyers and the advice and legal opinion is given in this regard.

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